The NFL: I'm Done.


For the sake of attempting to keep this clean I am replacing the F bomb with the word “flipper.” Not only is he a friendly mammal but also, well… it’s Flipper.

Monday Night Football. Green Bay Packers VS Seattle Seahawks 9-24-12. The replacements refs just blew a call, and a game.

I’m flippering done with the NFL. I just wasted the last 3.5 hours of my life watching a game that ended in a blown flippering call that was clearly the wrong call. Let’s be clear about something, the Green Bay Packers won that game, but there is a bigger issue here. That issue being the idea of the NFL and what it is.

Multiple sports players have made it clear that the NFL is a business. When us fans get upset when their favorite player jumps ship to another team or an organization cuts a great player it’s chalked up to being a “business” see Brett Favre and Peyton Manning for this. But they’re right, it is a business, but flipper this business.

This business strives on its fans and its loyal following. It strives on its superstar players like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers. It strives on excitement and the idea of a national pastime. But you know what, it’s a flippering business, and the reality is, is that they don’t care about us as much as we care about them… which is fine… sort of.

I think the NFL has reached its tipping point tonight. An obvious blown call that cost a team (Packers) a game in a 16 game season is hard to swallow. From a fans point of view I want better. I put too much time and effort to watch a football game to watch what I just watched.

As a collective group of fans we should stop watching the garbage that’s being spewed every week, it’s unfair. I cannot even imagine from the players point of view or the coach’s point of view where each game could be the difference between a bonus and an extension – it’s their livelihood, as it should be… it’s there passion.

Coming full circle, I’m done. I’m done watching my favorite team. I’m done supporting a business that won’t put its best in a position to allow others to succeed. I’m not going to waste my time anymore to watch this flippering garbage. Something that can be determined by fluke or questionable calls is not what I want. I want better, we all should expect better. I will not exert any more energy to spend money or time to watch this, I can’t.

I don’t support businesses that suck. I just can’t do it anymore. I’ve been the fool too many times when dealing with the NFL. If the NFL wants to tout this business thing whenever something major happens as though us fans are so stupid to think otherwise then we should treat them the same way, fans deserve better, not what is happening right now.

Today I mark it. The day after the Packers and Seattle debacle on Monday Night Football I mark the day that I stop going out of my way to support the NFL. Truthfully, I wish I wasn’t fully committed (and kicking ass I might add) to my fantasy football team otherwise I could fully detach. But I will still be somewhat into football simply because I have to be.

Until the NFL starts giving me it’s best I’m not willingly giving it any more of me.

I hope that players have some kind of mutiny and decide not to play, I hope the NFL figures out how to get the normal officials back on the field, I hope that this travesty of blown football games doesn’t happen anymore. These replacement refs are total flippering shit and they represent the NFL. Until the NFL changes the replacement refs then the NFL should be considered flippering shit.

Flipper you NFL for being who you are. You suck. You should be ashamed of your product.


(The Packers won that game in my book)

Seattle 14 – Packers 12 ********** (Asterisk Game)