Well... That Was Fun


I guess the NFL has reached an agreement with the refs, eliminating the replacement refs. Just to be clear I’m a Packers fan and after last Monday’s debacle I wrote this and told myself I was done with football until they came back because I felt like I deserved better.

So… they’re back. I had a good run of resting my mind from football. For a few hours I was actually excited to detach and not watch football on Sunday. I thought of the end of The Cable Guy when everyone starts to read when the cable goes out – that was going to be me.

This Sunday I planned on reading books and saving the world, maybe knitting a blanket, feeding homeless animals, and feeling as though I really earned the day. I suppose I can still do that, but will I? Realistically I will be watching football and yelling at my TV like I know more than everyone.

I had a good two-day run of day dreaming what my life would be like without football during football season – it looked good. Instead of relating to the final scene in The Cable Guy I’m relating to this…


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPw-3e_pzqU&w=560&h=315]


I'll detach someday...