What Will Happen Tonight: Packers VS Seahawks


I’m looking into the very near future.

I’m pretty excited for Monday Night Football tonight and figured that some people out there may want to watch “Revolution” on NBC, if you do get caught watching Gus Fringe kicking ass and forget to DVR the game, don’t worry. This is what will happen…

Matt Flynn and Aaron Rodgers share a moment before the game and Flynn can’t believe he isn’t the starting quarterback for the Seahawks.

The Green Bay Packers offense wakes up and Aaron Rodgers tosses 3 touchdown passes with 0 int’s.

Speaking of the offense Cedric Benson is going to remember how to play football and score a touchdown.

Russell Wilson is going to look good at times but ultimately end up throwing 2 ints before the half… Matt Flynn is going to want to play in the game.

I’m going to be reminded by how much I love Gruden and Tirico as announcers and how much Cris Collinsworth annoys me… even when he’s not commentating a game.

Aaron Rodgers brings back the belt! (I wish).

I’m going to be reminded that I don’t know any players on Seattle except for Flynn, Wilson, and Marshawn Lynch.

Packers win 34-17