(Former) Arrogant Packers Fan


Green Bay Packers VS San Francisco 49ers: Sunday, Sept 9th 2012

There is 1:30 left in the third quarter of the Packers VS 49ers game but it doesn’t take a genius to state the obvious – the Packers are sluggish and they’re going to lose.

It’s amazing how football is such an extreme minded sport. When I say “extreme” I mean we as football fans are conditioned to view things in extremes and absolutes. You’re either up or you’re down, you’re rarely in between, and when you’re up you’re REALLY up, and when you’re down you’re REALLY down.

A few months ago, before the season actually started, I was up, really up, so up that I wrote this. I thought the Packers were going to have a 14-2 season, only losing back-to-back games late in the season. Shit. I was very wrong. After watching this team I think they’re going to be more like 10-6, maybe even 9-7. No, I take that back, I can’t do 9-7, I can’t even think about that.

What I can think about is that this Packers team looks absolutely no different from last season and neither do the 49ers. The Packers are essentially built on finesse. They try to intercept everything and slap the ball from everyone’s hands. They play very free, and when it works it’s a beautiful thing. The 49ers on the other hand are built on smash mouth football. They’re a team that’s almost mechanical in their actions aka very good coaching. This finesse free balling play may not be the best way to play, but the problem is… it’s all the Packers have.

As I write this Randall Cobb just scored on a punt return. Did those officials just screw up again? Maybe. The Packers may have just inserted themselves back in this game, but I think it may be fools gold. I also just decided to turn this into a running emotional game watching experience that may end in me tossing this computer against the wall. My running emotional Packers VS 49ers log: The 4th Quarter. Time remaining is on top. 11:16 15-23: Jordy just tied it up with a 2 point conversion.

A few quick random thoughts about this whole experience as I prepare for the Packers to kick off… Are the Nike Logo’s backwards? Should I get off of social networking if the Packers actually lose so I don’t have to hear from all my friends? Why are so many Packers players are in commercials? I wish they stopped showing this 49ers guy with the bloody nose. Jermichael Finley is such a liability. 49ers driving. 10:50: Is Frank Gore doing anything? Why did I pick him up on fantasy football?

10:10: 3rd down: This is huge. SHIT Gore just got the first. They marked him short but I’m sure he got it. These officials are terrible. Oh wait, maybe the officials were right, it’s under review. I love being a fan from home; it’s so easy to be right, even when you’re wrong. I stand corrected; the officials prevail (sorry official’s).

49ers punt. Packers driving. 8:50: Aaron Rodgers tosses an interception. Fuck. That was a Favre pass to absolutely nobody. Unreal.

49ers driving: 8:50: 15-30: Gore just ran in a 23-yard touchdown. How horrible. I wish I didn’t talk about my fantasy team, I think I just jinxed the Packers nation.

I wish I could stop writing this right now. I want to turn the game off, fuck! I feel like I need to see this through right now. I was fooled by a missed call on a punt return.

Packers driving. 8:36: Another dropped pass. Another late flag.

7:30: Big 3rd down. I feel okay right now…

James Jones just had a very big play. Still, so late in the game.

7:02: Another good catch by Jones. Why the shit do the Packers even try to run the ball? They have no run game.

6:05: Touchdown Jones!! See comment above.

Random text messages from my buddy Ottford:


I completely agree with Ottford. 22-30: I suppose there is a still a game here, but it’s much closer than I want and the 49ers are just way to consistent.

49ers are driving. 4:02: Monster sack from Clay Matthews, which means we have a huge 3rd down. Oh God.



3rd and 17.


4th down! Green Bay uses their final time out. 3:45 left.

Green Bay driving. 3:37: Oh. My. God. Near interception. Is A Rodg nervous?

3:28: Oh. My. God. The sequel. A Rodg is sacked.

3rd and 9

Pass to Cobb, 1st down! Man, Cobb is killing it today.

Time is flying right now. Finley just caught another pass. Wait, did I just write that he caught it and it didn’t bounce off his hands like that little kid in Little Giants? Yes! He caught it!

Alright. We’re headed to the two-minute warning. The harsh reality is that even if the Packers score we need to score the two-point conversion, which just scares me. But there’s a chance…

2 minutes left…

1:53: Rodgers just scrambled and he’s the Packers leading rusher - my hands are clammy.

1:40 seconds and counting – it’s 3rd and 17.

Shit! It’s 4th down. Dksjfa;lksflkajsl;fkjsdkl;fjlkasjfkl;ajsdf;kljsaklfjklsadjfakl;kljdfl ;akjlkjsldkjg;sdlkfgjs;kldfjgskldjfg;ldfjgsl;dkjgsl kdjfgl;sdj;glkjdlkjg;sdkjglk;sjdg;lkjdfkgjs; Game over. The 49ers just won this game. Final take away:

The Packers are in trouble; they haven’t evolved from their previous season. The Packers were outplayed and outcoached.

This is a REALLY big down, I suppose there is only one way to go from here.