'Glee' and the (Non)Progression


I like Ryan Murphy. I would even say that admire what Ryan Murphy has been able to do on television. I feel that he’s managed to constantly create highly engaging programs but also do it in a new and artistic way. Due to this artistic/stylized vision I used to watch Glee pretty regularly but had to stop after they just kept going to nationals and it turned into too much of a soap opera.

I’d occasionally jump back into Glee to see what’s happening and also because I like the musical numbers (seriously) so I managed to catch a bit last season. I wasn’t too sure what was happening with all of the characters but what I did know is that Quinn (Diana Agron) was in a car accident and Rachel (Lea Michele) was moving to New York. Aside from that, I didn’t know what the hell was happening.

Seeing that we’re in fall TV mode I did kind of wonder what happened to everyone and I even kind of made a point to watch the show to check out how it’s progressed. As I drove down La Cienega (Los Angeles shout out!) I saw a billboard with Kate Hudson dropping the patented Glee “L” (representing “Loser”) over Rachel, whom is obviously in NY – then I remembered. I remembered why I don’t watch the show and I had to ask myself: Is the show really progressing?

Ignoring the big question of “why is Kate Hudson on Glee” lets jump to the smaller question of “why does Glee think everyone is a Loser?” I get it Glee – Being in High School and singing isn’t exactly what the “popular” kids do so we’ll go ahead and toss random slushies on them to represent them being losers but you’re going to try and pull this shit in NY? Really?

I suppose Glee finds itself in a weird position. It’s one of those shows that shouldn’t last longer than three seasons but it’s trying to extend its glory days and use the themes that we all know and love, that theme being the “L” thing aka “The Underdog theme.”

The unfortunate reality is it’s not progressing and pushing forward like it once was; now it’s just that show where random celebrities pop in and sing songs from their childhood. The days of having the songs mean something to move the story forward is gone.

Why am I thinking about Glee this much? I have no Fing clue. As I’ve written this out I realized that I really liked the show more than I thought. I also realized that Glee is about to face the inevitable scenario of kids not being in high school anymore. As far as I know, no show except maybe One Tree Hill has successfully embraced this change… maybe Gossip Girl?

Wow… I can’t wait for Breaking Bad, Mad Men, or any show that reminds me I’m not a 15 year old female to be back on - is this what I’m going to be writing about for the next few months?