The Weekend...



I don’t care who knows it: I want to see Total Recall. I’m going to see Total Recall. I’m going to see the reboot that (for some reason) people are hesitant about. The funny thing about this reboot is that I don’t think people are upset that the studio has rebooted a classic Arnold film, but rather people don’t trust Colin Farrell or Jessica Biel to do anything. Are people justified? Sort of. Completely justified? Not at all.

You know how I know this movie is going to be good and not a total piece of shit? One name – Walter White… wait, I mean Bryan Cranston. How can a movie with Cranston really be that bad, doesn’t he only do solid things?

…Oh wait… he was in Rock of Ages, John Carter, and Red Tails… Oh…

But still, it’s Cranston! And yes, I just sided with a movie because Cranston is the X factor.

If you’re going into this weekend and you’re in the movie mood you have the following options:

The Dark Knight Rises – I’ve had so many problems with this film that I just don’t want to talk about it but you should still go see it.

Celesete and Jesse Forever – Not sure if this is a full release but it’s a Sundance film with Andy Samberg and Rachida Jones. I hear it’s pretty good.

Ruby Sparks: I read this script and it’s pretty good. Just watch the trailer to get a vibe of it: HERE

To Rome with Love: Woody Allen pumps out more films than any human in the history of life.

If you’re in the TV mood:

Breaking Bad
Keeping Up With The Kardashians

I hate that I watch the Kardashians.

And oh… The Olympics!

If you’re not in an entertainment mood and want to do real things like go outside and get some fresh air, I say go for it. Enjoy it. But while you’re doing it, just remember that Colin Farrell and Bryan Cranston are in a theater near you…