Shark Week... A Tad Bit Overrated?



It’s August 1st. Its time for people start getting excited for Shark Week.

I’ve had many conversations about Shark Week and just to be up front about it – I feel that Shark Week is kind of blown out of proportion, maaaaaybe a tad bit overrated. Let me be clear, I like sharks, sharks scare me, and I like learning about sharks. But what does Shark Week offer me that I just can’t find on the Internet?

When did people start freaking out about Shark Week like it was a tickle me Elmo doll circa Christmas 1997? Every time I watch Shark Week it never offers any new revelation about sharks, and then when people add some new fact about sharks it just makes me wonder why it wasn’t included in a previous week… or was it? Are we just watching the same thing over and over again with new hosts?

Whoever is behind Shark Week is a genius and I feel like at some point in time a conversation like this happened between the Shark Week creator and his buddy when they were drinking…

Shark Week Guy: “Hey, I have an idea, lets do a bunch of shows about sharks and call it Shark Week, and we’ll just keep doing the same thing every year.”

Buddy: “Wait, the same programming every year?”

Shark Week Guy: “Yes!”

Buddy: “But won’t people know it’s the same thing every year?”

Shark Week Guy: “Maybe! But if they do we’ll just keep pumping out shows with more slow motion sharks eating seals, and it will look cool! Then we’ll throw it on discovery channel!”

Buddy: “Hmmmm, doesn’t discovery already have shark shows throughout the year?”

Shark Week Guy: “Who cares!”

Buddy: “Sold.”

Truthfully, I’ll peek into Shark Week and see what’s going on. I just learned that it’s been going on for 25 years, which is actually pretty amazing. If you’re going to watch it – please enjoy. Let me know if you learn something you don’t already know.

Side note: Phil Defranco from YouTube is hosting Shark Week which I think is kind of a big deal for anyone who is in the YouTube world and looking to further themselves. I hope he does a great job.

Shark week starts August 12th.