Sundance Week.

This is my pre warning that work is sending me to Sundance from the 20th to the 26th. Odd’s are that the majority of my blogs are going to be Sundance related so I officially give you: The first ever Joshford blog: Sundance Week Edition. This is my first time heading to the Film Festival and all anyone keeps telling me is “Go to parties and expect to get sick.” Wow. Sounds like a ton of fun. Occasionally you may see a random post about something non-Sundance related or me complaining about the Packers. Maybe I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and sleep type a blog entitled: “I’m having a nightmare about the Packers and they lost to the Giants.” But for the most part expect pictures, movie reviews, and the general thought of the expected Cluster in Park City, Utah for the Festival.

If you’re going and looking to getting sick and have plenty of drinks, be sure to seek me out… apparently that’s what goes on at Sundance.

Last note: Any suggestions on movies to check out please let me know.

The Actual Last Note: Or any suggestions on anything, please let me know.