Us = Robots = Food = Health

Why don’t we know what’s in our food? We know some but not all. Every so often when I read or see something explaining the current state of our manufacturing and produce I get worried that we only eat “filler” substance. Filler meaning it gives us a taste that we know and love…IE: Cheetos, Doritos, McDonalds Burgers… Whatever the case may be.

I watched Food Inc. the other day and a question which I’ve heard before has been asked… Why does a Happy Meal cost less than Broccoli or Asparagus. How is it possible that a vegetable or fruit which can be planted is more than Hamburger.

Conspiracy time!!!

We as a society have been cornered into a Market by big business and Corporations. The larger corporations keep pumping this garbage in our body because they need us to be their robots. They need us to get sick so we can start using antibiotics to buy from large pharmaceutical companies… They need us to love the taste of filler meat so we can keep pushing money into a already powerful company. They need us and they control us, in my mind it’s Gordon Gekko at the head of the Food Industry.

The majority doesn’t pay attention to what’s in their meat, what fertilizer was used, or where something comes from. We eat eat and eat. Why do we eat fast food? Because we can’t afford the “more expensive” food. Why don’t they put a higher tax on foods that are known to cause diabetes or obesity? And why is it you can generally tell if a person is wealthy or not depending on their weight.

$$$ = Healthy Living

The only solution is to unite and demand better knowledge and food…. I’m rambling.

Enjoy Dinner!