What’s the one thing you don’t want to hear other people complain about? I think it’s work. I think we all know that when we hear someone complain we think that we’re working equally as hard we don’t complain. Or the flip is that the complainer has a job better than you and you don’t want to hear it.

My intention this morning began with me ranting about how my body is fatigued and finally I feel like I need to just relax. Unfortunately, relaxing isn’t always in my head and personally when I relax… I feel stunted and I feel comfortable. Comfort is the enemy of progress.

Regardless of this situation I feel like Rocky 4 when Apollo is getting his face torn apart by Ivan Drago and Rocky is holding the white towel in his hand, contemplating the throw in. Apollo didn’t let him toss in the towel. Lesson from Rocky 4? Apollo died when he didn’t toss the towel earlier.

So where do we all stand with work, if it’s not our family do we ever want to hear people talk about it too much?

The Morning was a reminder, it reminded me that life is to be led doing and working in the field we desire. What we want is attainable but we have to work at it, and sometimes that work is working a means to a end position, or putting up with things we didn’t envision ourselves doing. Or you can do the Stallone route ( )

This is the fatigue talking.