Uncomfortable = Undesirable = Progress

A wise man once told me that comfort is the enemy of progress, he may be right. I prefer to live a certain lifestyle and comfort is a asset I partially wish to maintain. However, it’s my belief that when we get cornered into a area that leaves us feeling anxious or uncertain our ingenuity kicks in and we figure out a new method to live.

Any new method may not be the way we want but before we know it, it can become our comfort. And it’s the initial kick that sends us where we need to be…sometimes. We’re not meant to live in constant comfort if we did the fun of live would be instantly removed. However, sometimes uncomfort is the comfort, and then we’re dealing with a new situation.

There is always a positive to every situation, how we manage to find them is up to us. Become uncomfortable sometimes, if you don’t, be prepared to be crafty.