The Twain of Mark

I love reading quotes, I love to read what somebody went out of their way to write. Some profound comment that the person themselves may have written or someone caught wind of it. And in this case Mark Twain the master of the American Novel did not disappoint. “A classic is something that everybody wants to have and nobody wants to read.” “Actions speak louder than words, but not nearly as often.” These quotes were said in the year 1900 hundred. What does this mean? It is a constant reminder to me that the psyche of man has not changed over time but rather our surroundings. We continue to evolve but still think the same way in many basic levels. Will this ever change? When it comes down to it we are still primal, we are still emotions we are still the insecure group that dissects things to nausea. Now the question is, with our ever changing evolution and us becoming closer to the machine world taking over will we still feel the insecurities? Will things still matter to us? Either way, Mark Twain was ahead of his game, I mean, look at his picture… That’s a man ahead of his time.