Mom Talk

My mom just told me that I needed to get my teeth cleaned. “Mom, I don’t need my teeth cleaned, I’m fine.” “Honey, you probably haven’t had your teeth cleaned in 100 years.” Well it has been about 5 years, which is a pretty long time in teeth years, but still I feel pretty content with the place my teeth are in. Then I dropped the financial issue. The issue being, 1) I don’t have money, and 2) I think it’s wrong for my mom to spend money on my teeth when in all seriousness I would feel better just taking the money. Sure it may be selfish but it’s true. And she replied with a typical mom response: “You can die from not cleaning your teeth, there was a girl who had a decayed tooth and it went to the cavity of her heart, she now has heart problems.” The funny thing is I don’t doubt that my mom actually heard this or maybe it is true in the Physician world. However, in my world it sounds absurd yet I wouldn’t expect anything less from the mom.