Random Religion Edition

The random thought came when I started to think of beliefs and how many of us carry some form of belief. More times than not that form of belief translates into a religion and that belief turns into believing in GOD. Whether your GOD is tree outside, Jesus, Buddha, your mom… whatever, faith is at the end of the religion and faith a lot of times is believing. So I got to wonder and I look around at depressed people or angry men and women who are not happy in their day to day. For argument sake lets say the not so happy day to day-ers are Catholic. Jesus is their savor and without question there is a GOD. Then I ask you why are you not happy? Why don’t people actually believe their beliefs. If you have a strong belief than go with it and do not carry doubt, because you are living a greater plan. See where I am going with this? And also let me say I am just as much at fault as anyone, I need to remind myself that in my mind there is something greater. Who knows, maybe it’s for comfort, maybe it’s for fear… Maybe I’m wrong. I may never know, but I am sure I will some day. However if I can offer some form of personal advice, it’s that stressing about things that cannot be controlled is to obvious it is impossible not too.