The Good the Bad The Complacent

I heard a comment today from someone who works in pharmaceutical sales, she said to me: “Working with so many drugs makes me feel like I had a problem sometimes.” This specific someone lives in Colorado and worked in a bikeshop for many years, after that comment she said: “When I worked in bikes I was surrounded by people who were quirky as hell, now it’s people who talk about pointless s**t.” Those comments made me think, and eventually I came to a conclusion that as we get older we become more robotic and in our flow around us. As we are younger in certain jobs people live much more free, as we take on more common life tasks while getting older the majority of us become something that we may not want. We become a product of whatever we are in, it’s our surroundings and it’s inevitable. Earlier today I realized how I work in a system of complacence and sadly I am apart of it as well. The reason? I need to survive, and I like my job. It’s unfortunate that we must mold into certain things that initially we are not. My justification and my flip side is that it is truly just a job, what I do is not a profession for me. However, like I just said… It’s just my justification I can’t see the future I just know what I want. For all I know I could be back in Wisconsin tomorrow working as a garbage man….But seriously that will never happen. However what comes with this common day that us human’s walk, is the outlet of art and entertainment. Maybe complacence is a good thing? Maybe it allows others to relate to others and it is the fuel that runs everyone’s inner artist. Regardless, the more one thinks about this the more the brain goes in circles. I will leave this specific thought to be worked out over time. But, How many of us are complacent? Are we really? And if so…Why? SIDE NOTE: The other day I went to the local grocery store where I sat down to do some people watching. A homeless lady with a US WEEKLY approached and asked to sit and talk, of course she can sit with me, so she does. She proceeded to talk to me about Ricky Martin and how he once was gay but is not anymore. From there she went on to say that she knew first hand that Ricky Martin had kids which “meant he couldn’t be gay.” I asked why that meant he couldn’t be gay, and she believed with all of her heart that a gay man couldn’t have children. I asked her, well how then did he have the kids. She responded to tell me that she knew first had he had “straight” blood pumped into his penis, which allowed him to be straight and procreate. I love people.