The "Like" Test

I just went to the grocery store and was standing next to a loud conversationalist, she was on the cell phone and of course talking about herself. I hoped I didn’t sound like her when I’m on the cell but something tells me I do. Regardless, she kept saying “Like” and it got me thinking. A man that I hold in a high regard once challenged myself and a handful of other people. He challenged us not to use the word “Like” It seems simple enough…no. In our highly self involved world we use the word Like for a handful of common conversation. I was like… Then he was like… I was like….then they were like…. Well, he’s kind of like…. It’s like… It’s possible to get around using this word, I have become very aware of the use of the word yet I still manage to use it. It’s the Like Challenge, I don’t know the benefits of cutting this word out - however, if you do manage to chop this word down in your daily use at least you’ll sound smarter.