Hello Alcohol, I'm Josh

Alcohol is poison. I’m done with it. Those words have been thought or spoken by man for many years and something tells me they are not going away. It gets me thinking about why, why do we do it? Why do we pump ourselves with a liquid that is absorbed into our body and makes us feel bad? Why do casually accept hangovers and sometimes gloat about how bad we feel? It is like an excuse to eat greasy food and lay in bed for a day. Hey man do you want to drink this? Oh yeah… “You’re going to wake up with a headache that doesn’t allow you to move, then you may throw up, you will feel like garbage, you have basically lost a day, oh and you are going to say some things you will either regret or forget. “ If you are a girl you can throw in being bloated too, if you care about such things. So this brings me to the why… Why do we do such things? OH WAIT. DUH- Alcohol is a miracle fluid, it allows you to say what you really feel, talk to whomever you want, let loose, and for a few hours actually feel more important than you did earlier. How in gods name do we contain the happenings of alcohol to put it in anything I have. It’s such a funny thing this whole alcohol craze, and it is not even close to ever thinking about going away. We need this, we have been conditioned to love alcohol. It’s kind of scary if you think about it, how people have the liquid courage to do whatever but not the sober courage. And what does all this mean what is this rambling? It’s nothing it’s nonsense and it’s preaching to the choir, so what am I writing this? Why does it seem like not one of these sentences makes any sense? Why I have had a little red line pop up under some of the most common words because I initially misspelled it? Cause I’m hungover and never want to drink again. See you soon old friend.