Life and Stories

Act 1: You get to know the protagonist and their qualities. Who they are, where they are from, what they do, and most importantly what they think they are going for.

Act 2: The second act brings us into a B story which is most commonly a love interest. This is where things in a story start taking off and fun ensues. Otherwise this could be summed up as your twenties. The time in your life when you are going through your experiences and relationships to let you know what you want in your future. And around age thirty (sometimes) you find the (b story) thing you want. Your job takes you to new places and your life shows you around. The second act can at times be pretty long and it sometimes will have compartment acts along the way. Meaning other happenings and new smaller things. However this takes us into the midpoint of the movie and also into the midpoint crisis of life which is around 55 minutes into a movie. THE DREADED MIDLIFE CRISIS: Whats it going to be? What’s happening right now? And with this Midlife Midpoint we enter into Act 3: The wrap up, the conclusion the answers to so many questions. Just when you start to figure it out things start coming to a end for you. Your journey and your life lesson is about to take form and hit it’s stride. Death occurs, love ones move on, and what you were living for and those questions you walked with start to unravel and sort themselves out. The sorting out can be long and overdue but it’s there. And just when all seems to be okay and all seems to be making sense…. We have our final image of the life and story and another blip in time has passed. And with that sometimes stories end a little early and inevitably leave us unsatisfied.