Here in Los Angeles there is an unspoken (and spoken) thought that you should never openly discuss ideas. The reasoning behind it is pretty simple… someone will steal it. Fortunately I’ve never blatantly had an idea stolen from me (that I knew of) and I secretly really hope it’s not because all of my ideas were terrible.

This thought process really says a lot about the type of people here in Los Angeles. When people typically steal things it means they’re desperate, right? I guess that can be debated. One argument could be made that everyone is stealing or “duplicating” a previous idea at some point. The bottom line is that when it comes 95 percent of films we’re all copying or stealing themes, stories, thoughts, and ideas. Seriously. But lets not walk down that road because it leaves too much to be debated, we need to back track a little and specify the ideas we’re dealing with.

I’m talking about me talking to John Doe and I tell him that I’m going to write a film and here’s the idea… And then John Doe turns it and uses it for himself – That’s the type of idea stealing I’m currently talking about. But I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on this subject and I’d like to take a moment and say fuck that train of thought.

The reality is, is that your idea is your idea and nobody can ever really duplicate your vision. Lets take Jurassic Park for a moment – Nobody could have done what Michael Crichton did and weave one of the top 10 coolest stories of all time, but people can try. The beauty of art is that nobody can ever put your stamp on it - that’s what makes something great.

When dealing with stories and the entertainment industry I think it’s a great idea to openly discuss your ideas. It allows you to fine tune your vision and get instant feedback on what you’re doing. Not to mention - if someone is desperate enough to turn and steal your idea then have pity (or just say fuck them), they’re desperate and they’re not going to sustain in whatever they’re doing.

This is all up for debate and maybe I’d feel a bit different if I was screwed over by some idea thief. I just think it’s great to talk out new ideas and challenge yourself, who knows maybe someone will challenge you.


Roughly 30 minutes later.

I just got a call from my friend and told him what I was writing and my thoughts on ideas. He told me I was crazy and wrong and proceeded to bring up some valid points and why it’s a stupid idea to talk ideas out with people. We then met at a middle ground and I agreed it should *maybe just be kept in a trusted circle.

Maybe… But F that, I just wrote all the above and feel good about it.