Jeremy Lin!

If you’ve been living under a rock or aren’t a sports fan then you don’t know who Jeremy Lin is, and that’s okay. If you are a sports fan and you’re still confused as to who Lin is, then that’s not okay. I’m going to quickly fill in the blanks because this is currently 1 of 7.5 million posts that have been written about Lin in the last week –

Lin was sitting on the bench for the struggling Knicks, and less than a month ago he was demoted to the NBA developmental league. After he had a monster game in the D league he was pushed back up to the Knicks who were in desperate need of a point guard. As it was, Lin was the back up, back up, back up, back up in the point guard rotation for the Knicks. After a few injuries and other random set backs to those guys Lin was given his first shot to play 12 days ago… and he killed it.

After the game 12 days ago, he was entered into the starting rotation for the Knicks and they haven’t lost since, it’s been 6 games – tonight he goes for 7 in a row. Why is this significant? Where does someone begin? To start - The Knicks have been without their 2 best players while Lin was doing all of this, which turned the team on its head (more on that below) and he single handedly CPR’d the Knicks, breathing new life into them. Long story short… The Knicks are the best thing in sports (for now).

In no particular order - Thoughts, Questions, Observations, and Predictions for The Knicks:

- Mike D’Antoni has looked like a wreck with his Luigi moustache on the Knicks sideline. Since Lin has taken over he’s back to looking like himself during his Phoenix days. Lin has saved his job (for now). D’Antoni’s system works, with a point guard. It’s the anti Phil Jackson triangle of the NBA.

- Jeremy Lin has the best pun name ever: Linsane, Linsanity, Just Lin, Linning, Linderella, Lincredible, Played him like a vioLin…. You get the point.

- I love everything about the Lin story. He has pumped new life into what I consider a throw away season. I hate this shortened lock out season because it doesn’t seem that it totally counts. Looking back on the 2011-2012 NBA season there will be 2 asterisks. *Shortened lockout season and *Lin.

- If Lin started 2 weeks earlier he would be a starter in the NBA all-star game. With the departure of Yao Ming every vote from China has just gone to Lin. If Lin finishes this season and doesn’t suddenly disappear off the face of the planet I would bet 10:1 odds that he’s in next year’s all-star game as a top-3 vote getter.

- This has been said 100 times but its true - Tebow is to football as Lin is to basketball. People should take bets right now as to who will have a longer and more successful career… Then take bets on who is the better role model… I say Lin regarding career, Tebow regarding role model. At least Lin has a shot as president one day (Tebow was born in the Philippines).

- When has it ever happened in sports where 2 people have occupied so much attention then delivered to the hype - Lin with basketball and Tebow with football?

- Is Lin’s trademark going to be that band aide that’s half falling off his chin?


- Embracing reality and turning the Knicks on their head:

It’s not as thought the Knicks were irrelevant with talent. They have 2 big guys and 1 score machine named Carmelo Anthony and everyone is wondering how Melo is going to now fit with the Knicks. Until Lin, Melo has been the guy who takes all the last second shots and controls the ball, that isn’t the case anymore due to Lin’s antics.

If Melo somehow fucks up this chemistry when he comes back there is a real chance that the Knicks fans will boo him, which would not be good. I hope this works out for ball hog Melo, I really do. I hope he flourishes with Lin running the show and I hope Lin dishes out 15 assists per game. Only time will tell but if the Knicks keep winning before Melo comes back this could be a lose – lose and Melo may never hear the end of it.

- If Dan Brown replaced Robert Langdon with Jeremy Lin in his next book I wouldn’t mind.

- So we’re not talking about Lin’s 30 turnovers in 6 games because they have been winning, right?

- Is Baron Davis going to make a difference on the Knicks when he returns?

- We all know Lin went to Harvard, right? Where will Lin fall in the Ivy League players turned NBAers. Who else is there?

- I hope Lin is the real deal and I think he is. When I say real deal I mean a guy who can manage a game and be a viable option for a team. I’m not looking for Lin to keep pace with his incredible play; he has to come down to earth at some point, right?

- Lin has reminded me that a point guard is more important than I remember.

- 66 game season. Knicks are currently 14-15. 6-0 with Lin. 37 games to go. I predict the Knicks finish 24-13 making the Knicks over all record 38-28, and making Lin’s overall record 30-13 as a starter.

In this blah NBA season I couldn’t be happier that this is happening. There hasn’t been a time in the last 10-15 years that I’ve really liked the Knicks. I’ve liked them but I wasn’t blatantly rooting for them. I like Melo and am a huge Amare fan but this Lin phenomenon has me rooting for them night in and night out, and especially rooting for him. I think I may have finally forgot about Latrell “Bad as Hell” Sprewell and the NY Knicks era.

Team Lin.