Tom Cruise: His Best Run

You have ten seconds to name a film that Tom Cruise didn’t run in… times up… you lost. There is no hiding what most people associate Tom Crusie with -

Outside of his movies his associations are:

Jumping on couches Being subject to multiple rumors His height Yelling at Matt Lauer Oh, and that one religion that is based around Scientolo- (Had to stop sentence due my life being destroyed by L. Ron Hubbard).

Inside of his movies his associations are:

Running. Just running.


Reading the above it may sound like I have something against TC but truth be told I love his movies. As far as I’m concerned he’s still a massive action star and I’ll pretty much see anything he’s in. I recently checked out MI4 and loved it, I was relived when it finished because I had hope that for one second people would forget about all of the things that I listed above (I’m part of the problem) and remember him for being a great entertainer.

Somewhere along the line he surpassed Will Smith as “The guy who runs in movies.” The thing is – TC’s running is totally justified, odds are it’s an action movie. If there isn’t running in an action movie then I say it’s a bad action movie. I’m starting to wonder if his legacy will have something to do with running, seriously. Will we look back at Tom Cruise movies and say “oh yeah, that was the one with that one run scene”?

Side Note: The one confusing run scene that comes to mind is The Firm… I think that was him just gloating with his speed. Another side note: I want to race Tom Crusie.

In the world of TC running we have many options to choose from and decide which is the best. It’s basically like a buffet that serves different variations of the same thing. At that buffet I go to the one movie that is the future: Minority Report. And in this particular scene he’s barely running. It’s a combination of some running intertwined with other Spielbergian action.

Here’s the justification as to why this is the best TC Run: (Video Below)

- The scene involves flying. This run scene may have a slight asterisk next to it due to the massive amount of flight but it’s included because it starts with a run and at one point TC attempting to run on the side of the building.

- It has a cameo from Cameron Crowe (he’s holding the newspaper, no credit at the end, and yes Tom Cruise ran in both Vanilla Sky and Jerry McGuire – both directed by Crowe).

- It’s a totally and completely warranted run scene. It’s not like he’s trying to get somewhere faster than anyone else. He’s trying to elude the cops (who can fly!)

- On a grand scheme one things one of the themes in Minority Report is running (yes it is!). Dialogue between Tom Cruise (John) and Fletcher (played by Neil Donough)

Fletcher: John, don’t run. John: You don’t have to chase me. Fletcher: You don’t have to run. John: Everybody runs, Fletch.

- Did I mention how underrated this movie is? I shouldn’t really get into why this because I’m talking about running but I feel like it got shit on over time. If my memory serves me correct, this had production issues and an inflated budget, which usually is a sure sign of issues. The reality is, this movie is full of things that are ahead of the curve on future technological products. In this opening scene with Crowe reading the newspaper one of the stories is about “nano technology.”

Without further adieu I give you the scene:


After watching the scene if you don’t want to see Minority Report while in full sprint you’re nuts.

I enter Tom Cruise running to the same category as Harrison Ford fighting. I’ve always felt that when Ford fights in his movies he’s really giving it his all to look like he’s struggling. From Indiana Jones to The Fugitive… he throws and takes punches with more effort than a UFC fighter. I can even remember his fight scenes in Air Force One, just when you think he’s going to die… (More on Harrison a different day).

Honorable mention:

MI4: If you didn’t see it – do it. Once scene he basically convers all of India and is running through a sand storm.

Eh, all of the Mission Impossible movies.

Collateral: Vintage Tom Cruise sprints when chasing Jamie Foxx.

War Of The Worlds: While Aliens are disintegrating humans next to him, Tom Cruise runs fast… faster than the aliens actually.

Jerry McGuire: Slow Mo running to see the love of his life.

Far And Away: This was a good run for one reason and one reason only: He was running for his future and land.

To cap this off I include this video for your delight: