Mid Game Lakers VS Clippers Thoughts

Pre Season Game 2 in progress: -This preseason game look like it’s a regular season game post all star break.

-Ron Artest – You need to stop playing basketball. I haven’t quite grasped the amnesty clause yet but I think the Lakers need to ditch Artest yesterday. I’m avoiding calling him Metta World Peace right now.

Seriously, this guy is only good at making 33.3% of his layups, 9% of his shots, and he’s not stopping anyone. I’m sorry to say it… but … Ron Ron – your time is done, you don’t look like a good basketball player.

-The Clippers remind me of a better version of Oklahoma City. They have a ton of young talent that’s eager to prove themselves but more importantly they have Mo Williams and Chauncey to be vets of the team.

-The Lakers are in trouble. They look like they’re in a complete scramble mode hoping and praying someone steps up. Watching the Lakers I’m reminded why they were swept last season in the playoffs. This kills me to say this but they’re starting to take on the identity of the spurs over the last few years. My buddy Corey first mentioned this last year but I didn’t want to believe him… he was right.

The worst part about the Lakers is that they don’t have a young Kobe right now, they have a 1-2 years left Kobe. If anyone thinks he’s dropping 81 points this year they may be delusional.


-Turned on the X Factor and its celebrity guest singer night. Avril Lavigne just sang and then R Kelly. Not sure how I feel, I can’t stop thinking that Nicole Scherzinger is crazy and the new Paula.


-Ron Artest tried to shoot it but Andrew Bynum intercepted it in the air and he dunked it. Artest acted like it was a pass… it wasn’t.

-I’m trying to wrap my head around something. I’m trying to figure out when the Lakers had so many white guys on their team, and also so many potentially playing together at one time.

Check out this line up: Steve Blake at the point – Jason Kapono at shooting guard – Troy Murphy at forward – Josh McRoberts as the other forward – and Pau Gasol at center. This thought just blew my mind.

-I think only Utah could rival this lineup.

-Kobe Bryant’s injury scares me.

-Chauncey Billups won’t miss when open.

-LOB CITY. McRoberts just dunked. Andrew Bynum was having a good game but I was just reminded he’s good for only 1 half of basketball.

I’m scared that the Lakers.