Music Observations From Pop Radio.

I’ve been driving a car that has a broken radio. It plays about 3 stations that are clear, lacks AM talk radio, and has no input for ipods or CD’s. The 3 stations it plays are 2 pop stations, 1 with Ryan Seacrest – the other with Carson Daly. And then a classic rock station that seemingly plays more commercials than music.Long story short – I listen to a lot of “Pop” radio.

Pop radio stations translates to the obvious – Pop Culture everything. It also means that I’ve been listening to the same 5 songs on repeat for a few months… It’s like shampooing – Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’ve picked up a few things on my drives to work, here they are:

- The two most played songs are easily: Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris - We Found Love and David Guetta Ft. Usher - Without You. These two songs are interesting because they’re both so similar. Both very electronic dance with a total of about 20 combined words.

I wonder if these songs are a segway into something bigger and this feel of music becoming more mainstream? I’ve always felt the electro indie vibe was more of a world/party/remix thing that never hits the pop charts. Slap two pop stars in the middle, keep repeating the title of the song 30 times over, have a good beat, and you’ve got yourself a hit. Seriously… this is going to be something bigger.

- LMFAO has 2 songs; Party Rock and Sexy and I Know It. I can listen to Party Rock more than I’d like to admit and I’m curious as to where this group is going to go in the future. I don’t know how diverse they are, but I don’t think it matters.

- I don’t want to hear “Moves Like Jagger” any more… And I don’t think having his moves is something to brag about anyway.

- I’m kind of sick of Adele, even though I love her voice.

- I can’t fucking believe Now that’s what I call Music: 40 is available. Yes… 40!

- J-Lo still thinks she’s the J-Lo of old.

- In the Dark by Dev: Something tells me someone somewhere was looking for Ke$ha 2.0 and thought this was her. But come on, is there ever going to be Ke$ha 2.0? Dev has this part in her song where she says; “Do the Cataracts” which may quite possibly be the most forced part of any song in 2011. It’s as if she was hoping something would catch on… maybe it did.

- Pop “hip hop” that’s on the radio is close to terrible.

- Jason Derulo has to stop saying his name in his own songs.

- If the pop station has played it’s top 5 songs – when in doubt play something from the mid 90’s.

I’m not sure what the rotation is on the top 5 songs when it comes to pop radio but I have a feeling it’s about 3 months. If I’m not going to be on the cell phone or thinking in silence then it appears that I am willingly going to listen to the same songs over and over until I’m so sick of them that I want even more. I suggest everyone give this a shot one-morning… turn on Kiis FM and don’t look back.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat.