Stallone: The Underrated

First name Sly. Last name Stallone. Actually it’s Sylvester Stallone but Sly just sounds better. Let me tell you about this guy because I think we take him for granted simply for one specific reason – when we think of him we think of him as an action guy. We think that he’s going to be killing someone or blowing up something.

However, I’m here to tell you why he’s the most underrated man in film with 3 examples.

#1: The Writer Stallone. Yes, that is correct, he writes screenplays, as a matter of fact can we please review some films on his resume:

Rocky II
Rocky III
Rocky IV
Rocky V
First Blood
Staying Alive
Over the Top

Oh! Wait, did I just write that correctly? Did I just see STAYING ALIVE in the mix of Rambo and Rocky? Yes, that is correct you did. Stallone wrote the film that some would argue put John Travolta on the map. Also, he wrote Rocky and uses roman numerals, which brings me too…

#2: The Man responsible for some of the greatest montages in cinema history. How could any human being forget the Rocky music (cue in your head) and then him training for the big fight? Specifically, how can we forget Rocky IV when Rocky fought Ivan Drago and he trained in the slums of wintery Russia while Drago trained in a facility built for Zeus. In all seriousness when I need a pick me up I still watch the rocky 4 montage (found here:

I have a theory that Stallone’s Rocky montages changed the game on the modern day montage, especially with sports stories and anything to do with overcoming any obstacle. Think about it.

Stallone managed to show training in 8-10 minutes and pass a successful story in the montage, as well. Something always happens to Rocky in his montages and when he comes out he’s a better man for it, yes it’s the point of the montage, but Sly has nailed it. Speaking of nailing…

#3: Dude was in a porno. In 1970 a Broke Stallone needed some cash and filmed a porno called “The Party at Kitty and Studs”, which was released and was never seen. Then in 1976 when Rocky hit the scene the porno was rereleased and called “Italian Stallion” with Stallone as the headliner.

If this juicy nugget was released in the Internet era Stallone’s career would either be classified with Kardashian/Ray-J or dismissed like… err…umm… has anyone turned the cheek on a porn? Point is, it’s in the ether of film and yet, we’ve forgotten about it. Kudos Sly Stallone for being in a porno before being in a porno was cool.