LeBron James meet Darth Vader

Uh Oh. He’s embraced it. He’s embraced being the bad guy.

LeBron has just embraced Darth Vader. It’s finally happened. My friend mentioned an article that I would definitely reference if I could remember where it was from. But the article made the point that LeBron has always been the superhero and never the villain. As soon as he murmured the words I’m taking my talents to south beach the hero died and the first part of this NBA season LeBron wasn’t used to being the villain, he’s always the hero.

Something happened recently, the hero went back to the town that he once protected… wait, enough with the comic talk, I’ll try to stop that now. He went back to the city he spurned, he was supposed to be the savior and then in their eyes he went Judas on them. Cleveland. Poor Cleveland, it feels as though they are just destined for absolute failure. LeBron went to his hometown to more boos than he’s ever heard in his collective 7 year NBA career and although that may sound foreign it’s not. He’s booed every time he plays in somewhere that’s not Miami.

But! This hero complex disappeared in one game. It wasn’t until Cleveland that he embraced this villain and went dark side on us. LeBron scored at will and he sat out the entire 4th quarter and the Heat still won by 50…okay 30(ish).

It was at that moment everything changed and he knew it. He knew that the only way to silence everyone is to kick their asses so badly that they have no choice but to shut up. If they didn’t shut up he’d keep on embarrassing them, and that’s what he’s doing now.

LeBron is back and he’s better than ever. He’s LeBron 2.0 aka LeBronakin Jameswalker. The one time jedi may have just figured out the powers of the dark side. He displayed that last night when he dropped a triple double on New York – the one time hopeful recipient of one LBJ.

So here we are the man has just killed Padme and he’s officially Vader. Who knows how long the dark side reign will last, who knows who the Sith Lord is, and who knows which one D Wade and Chris Bosh are… I don’t want to speculate on how this all ends because I’m having too much fun watch the Dark Side. But we all know how it ends.