The "Don't Argue With Me" Movie list... First 10

I’m thinking about different movies and all of these Hollywood Reboots currently taking place. I stand by my idea that I think it’s ridiculous to remakes the majority of the so-called culture changing classics.

I’m sitting and staring at my DVD’s and I began to think about what may or may not be rebooted that led to me thinking about films I’m passionate about it, the films that I won’t let someone get away with a sly comment to cut it down… You know what I mean.

This is a list of movies that I don’t want to see rebooted and I will also argue why they are great till my face turn Blue. I’ve been down the argument road a few times. But in my opinion these are certifiably solid movies. I’d love to hear why anybody does not like these movies…

Back To The Future


The Empire Strikes Back




The Wizard




Minority Report


Vanilla Sky


The Goonies


The Truman Show


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind