Time Travel Blues

After watching LOST last night my mind began to wonder about time travel and the possibilities. But before I get into the time travel aspect of things let me first say that LOST is coming down to it’s homestretch. It’s amazing where it began and where it is now, if you’ve stuck with it or watch it on a regular basis - I think we’re in for a good payoff. The Good VS Evil angle is wrapping soon.

I think it’s also important to note I saw the movie Hot Tub Time Machine which is also a possible catalyst to what I’m thinking right now. 

As I laid in bed last night thinking about how great it would be to time travel my mind started to wander and think about all of the things I would want to do to generate some extra cash for myself. How would I secure myself if I traveled to the past so when I came back I had some more money, then I wouldn’t have to work - just time travel all the time.  Is the thought of “What would I do to become a billionaire” greedy and shallow - Yes of course, but lets not pretend it’s not what you would think of too. 

As I was sinking my teeth into the possibilities of what I’d create a realization started to creep in. I came to a decisive conclusion, and it went a little something like this….

I’d create a computer! Yes I’d create the worlds first computer, and sell that … Wait, how would I even create a computer in the first place? I don’t know how to build it?

The internet, I’d create the internet! … Wait, how would I create the internet? What the hell is the internet really? Would I just explain the idea to someone?

Google! I’d create Google… Wait, Google? Do I have to make algorithms? How would I make Google?

Okay I’d conceptualize the idea for Jurrasic Park, Star Wars, The Goonies, Huck Finn,  or any really amazing movie or piece of literature! … Wait, no, because it’s the little things I cannot explain that make me love the books and film.

…I think you can see where I’m going with this. So I had to tone down my ambitious thinking to something more along the lines of - 

What about Post its! The little yellow sticky things! … Maybe, this sounds partially feasible but something but, could I make a post it? Would I be willing to spend time trying to market a post it?

What about a office supply like a stapler! …. Ahh, See above.

This sudden wave of frustration took me over, my mind was lighting up like fireworks with ideas but it kept leading me to the same dead end, the dead end of - How do I actually make this happen? I never had thought about the smallest details when trying to re write history for my financial time travel gain. However, like I said earlier from all of this I came to a conclusion, 2 conclusions to be exact:

1) You can’t just create something you don’t care about, you have to love what you’re doing and then it’ll work.  

2) If I time travel, investment and gambling are the smartest thing to do. It’s the most logical get rich quick scenario I could come up with. (Possible conclusion #3: Warren Buffet is from the future).

This is my take on the space time continuum. Just watch out you don’t pull a Marty McFly and really throw things out of wack.