Hollywood... Are you kidding me?

I realize that all stories are essentially the same when it comes down to it. I realize Hollywood is a machine that makes money, I partially understand how the studio system works. The bottom line is money/profit. However, lately there have been a large number of “Reboots.” A Reboot is a redoing a film that was already made years ago this has happened with… The Hulk/The Incredible Hulk, Friday the 13th, A nightmare on Elmstreet, and most recently The Spider Man franchise. The Spider Man Franchise has raked in over a Billion Dollars and the third film was released just 3 years ago.

What does this all mean? Well it’s quite simple. These movies are sure things to make profit, and I understand why the reboot takes place. In the current time we’re in the Movie Star is diminishing which means studios need a sure thing in the economic time. They need a movie people are familiar with, to see the same old thing AGAIN.

Well I think it has gone to far. A Classic that in my opinion can not be redone may be redone. This is a Link from Hollywood Wiretap. The Craziness of the Reboot is everywhere…Is nothing sacred anymore!?

Check this link out, I need to say nothing more: