The Post Office Entitlement

When is the post office at fault? Is it ever at fault? I feel as though the Post Office always justifies why it’s not they’re fault.

Example: I work in a position which requires me to use the post office quite often, I send large amounts of things on a regular basis. The main man in the company questioned me on a few deliveries I was supposed to send out, apparently they never reached the sender. I checked on my end… Yup, Sent. Checked on the other end…They’ve been keeping a eye out for it.

Well, the only person to question is the middle man… The Post Office. I did some checking into the problems and according to the post office it was sent AND received. Odd. Not to mention they became quite offended I would even question the delivery standards. How dare I question the POST OFFICE, of course it was done proper on their side, it’s “tracked.” To get to the point they denied fault and said they did their Job.

Okay Maybe Post Office…Maybe…But I doubt it. I feel as though the Post Office feels entitled.