What's your Worth?

Your worth, what is it? Who determines it? What is worth? And how is it possible for people to make you feel so crummy even when you have no investment in them what so ever.

We’re an interesting bunch of people here on earth, our emotion trumps our logic and our logic justifies our emotions. Many of us find ourselves moving through life based off of our emotions and I sometimes wonder if that’s the way to do it. Is it best to make decisions based off of our gut reaction? My initial instinct tells me no, I think it is best to define and understand situations before moving on.  However, I’m a “heady” individual and I may be wrong. But on the slip side I think you should always trust your gut and instinct.

Our emotions get moved and our self worth gets played with. We are all a special group of people and we should never forget how and why we are. I had to bring this up because I talk to people who are directly affected from others. In jobs and relationships we take words to heart and let them penetrate our emotions. It happens to me too, I think it happens with everyone…It’s funny how quickly we can forget our uniqueness and importance.

Whatever it’s worth I think we all have a place and purpose and I know it’s greater than what anyone can think about you.