Who do you work for?

The perpetual bully is everywhere. We have become immune to people asserting themselves in a more important role than they actually attain. The question is who do they or you work for? What is the role?

What am I talking about: I have recently been put in a situation where I need something from someone. I don’t like to be in it but it’s inevitable, whether it be someone to fix my oil, fix my cable, a loan, check on my phone bill, check my credit card balance, well, you get the picture.

We all at some point need something from someone. Usually it’s small, we just need answers and we’re talking to a middle man who has been instructed to tell us one thing or another. I find that often that middle man takes the roll of a boss, they suddenly think they are in control and therefore are directing the conversation. Unfortunately many times we have to listen to this middle man. But, I question why do so many of us need to feel power in such a remedial state? Some how a big man has made you into their pawn and people run with the momentary power to direct others.

I know I have been at fault for this many times and maybe still am. It creates a certain disconnect with the the man who is on the same level. It creates problems. Obviously these problems have to stem from somewhere, their had to be an example at some point. Where does the middle man get his motivation? The higher ups? Who knows?

I just question why so many people are so inclined to crash heads. Why must we always take on something else? Is it in our DNA, are we conditioned? Is it good VS evil, one against the other, David and Goliath?

On the flip side if we were all so common where would the fun be? What would so many of us have to talk about?