How did this happen?

What was said and What I was thinking.


Friends: “Hey do you want to go out tonight and grab some beers, my buddy is leaving town, we’d love to see you and you never come out.”

Me: “Yeah Sure”

Okay, I will go out for just a bit, a hour at the most. I won’t spend any money on alcohol. If someone wants to buy me a drink great, but I’m not looking to drink too much and especially not looking to spend any money. I am definitely going to be hope by 10, 10:30 at the latest.

Friends: Great be there around 8:30


Hmm, I’ve been waiting for 30 minutes, where is everyone? This is ridiculous, I am leaving at 10pm I’m definitely not staying long.


Friends: “Hey man! I’m grabbing a drink.”

I see them grabbing a drink, I’m going to go sit at the table and wait for them, I’m not getting anything. When they come back we hang out for a bit and then I leave.”


Friends: “Aren’t you going to have a beer?”

Me: “Ah, no.”

Friends: “Come on! Just one”

Okay, I am going to have just one beer, that’s it. I’ll get 20 from the ATM and take the 2.95 service fee, just this once, I mean it’s only right.

9:25: $22.95 later

I just got my beer, I am going to Milk this.



Oh man, I’m out of beer, I’m not going to have another one.


Friends: “Hey you want another beer? I’ll get you one.”

Me: “Sure.”

Perfect, I’m not paying, this is perfect.


Friend: “Oh man, I’m a few bucks short.”

Me: “Oh, no problem.”

Dammit! I just gave him the same price for another beer, I essentially just bought myself another beer! I guess it’s okay, at least it’s cheap beer.


Friend: “Here I got you this!”


Me: “No, I’m fine.”

Friend: “Okay, then it will just sit here on the table.”

I can’t let a perfectly good beer go to waste. I’m drinking it.


Last beer, I’m having one more. I’m having a great time this is the last one. It’s okay to have one more, I didn’t think I’d be having this good of a time.


Okay, well I burned through all of my money from the ATM machine, I have just enough for one more, should I do it? Mine as well, I’ve come this far.

Home by 1am.

I feel like this situation has happened 1 too many times.