Loser: No Justification

It takes a lot for me to make judgments about people I’ve never met. It’s actually been a pretty long time when I haven’t given someone the benefit of the doubt. At some point in my life I turned into the guy who attempts to see where the other person is coming from. As I just wrote that I can see how that may sound annoying. Either way, as a situation happens I try to talk it out without completely shutting the door on what someone’s intentions may have been. Well, that just changed and I shut that door this Christmas. I have found a scenario where I judge and will not even look into giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

Let me lay out the scenario:

At 6am I get a few knocks on my bedroom door. I open the door to find my sister, brother in law, and their one-month-old baby staring at me. First thing they say to me:

“Someone broke into our car”

Immediate reaction – I was pissed. Lingering reaction – even more pissed. They were in for the holidays- this isn’t cool.  I got my shoes on and walked down to my semi enclosed parking garage to see their driver side rear window shattered. I asked my brother in law if they stole anything, they did, his 5 year old ipod.

As I was staring at the windowless car a few things popped into my head. I wondered why there weren’t any cameras in my parking area, I then remembered that another tenants car was broken into on Thanksgiving just a few spots away, and it was done in the same exact way. I wondered if the lights above my car were turned off to invite someone to break in, thought about the walk I took with my sisters dog at night and how he was reluctant to walk too far (Dog instinct).

However there was one thing that stuck out about all of this. One glaring fact that would close the door on the person who broke in for an ipod made in 2006 and I will forever label this person a complete and total loser: They broke the window that the baby seat was on ultimately causing the baby seat to be filled with glass. Come on. What kind of human breaks glass over a baby seat? Someone desperate? Sure. But you have to be some kind of loser to do this. How do you even justify this?

Okay so you broke into a car… I get it, you’re in need and blah blah, BUT then you broke into a car over a baby seat!? Huh!? Breaking a window over a baby seat says a lot about someone, seriously. I don’t think I would trust this person to bring me tightly sealed bottled water.

A message to all of you people who could not only break into a car but break into a car over a baby seat – You’re a loser.  I would love to hear someone try to justify this. For sympathy votes I put a picture of my nephew below. Someone shattered glass on this poor little guys car seat.