Running Diary: Packers VS Seahawks: Sunday January 18th, 2015

As a huge Green Bay Packers fan a friend and I concocted an idea on Saturday night. It was over many drinks, more than I'd like to think about, and it may not have been the best idea. The idea being: "Hey, lets create a running video diary of our thoughts and feelings during the football game tomorrow."

Sunday morning when I woke up tired and more tired, we started the video diary. And we continued the video diary. My friend was all about it, he was confident and sure footed about the Packers game, I was all about it because I like to film and post videos... but had some hesitation because I was scared of how the game may end.

But, we did it.

A running diary partially filmed on an iPhone. Against everything in my body, I filmed a Vlog on my iPhone. I'm tired, emotional, somehow look more aged than normal, and stressed beyond any plausible belief. The Packers do that to me.

If you're interested in watching ... Here ye are:

(Go Packers 2015-1016)