The Purpose Of Life...

Mothers Day, the day that we celebrate the existence of the woman who gave us life. Or, in many unfortunate cases, it’s the day we celebrate the absence of the woman who gave us life. Either way, moms are awesome. Even if you’ve severed ties with your mom there’s no denying that the ability to give life is a cool thing.

This mom thought is a perfect transition to a conversation a friend and I had this weekend. Somehow we may have cracked a few codes to life and I want to reopen that conversation but only touch the surface because I really don’t think there is any real way to recreate this conversation. This brings me to, the purpose of life…

Creation.  Specifically, the creation of LIFE.

We were talking about the ability to create in life. We can all create anything we want… ANYTHING! And hopefully our creations impact someone to do the same thing, so suddenly we have a ripple effect of creation, and before you know it – you’re creation is changing things. Your creation begins to change the world.

You start to think about the most unique creation that one can offer to the world… Life. It kind of blows my mind that two guys can have a child with the same woman yet that child comes out 100% different. It doesn’t blow my mind on a DNA level, but rather on an individualistic level.

We can argue that art (film, paintings, music, etc...) can be recreated. It may not be true… but we can sure as fuck argue about it.  The one thing we do know for certain is that creating a specific human is something that cannot be replicated… by anyone. A person’s ability to create life is so totally unique for everyone.

Then, on another level you have to wonder why there is this lone thing in the world that you need someone else for. You need another person to crate this life. You can do anything in the world that you want but in order to create life you need someone else, that’s trippy, right?

When I think about it my mind wraps like I’m entering a wormhole and truthfully I wish I could articulate this better. I wish I could ramble and use my hands to try and express myself… both of which I’m very good at.

It comes down to creation. I believe creating is what enhances the world and makes it a better place. It what makes us evolve. It just so happens that the ultimate thumbprint of evolving is creating life.

By my logic I should have a litter of children running around me. My current child count is 0. I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to change any time soon… I need to stick with trying to create other things.

Life is awesome.