The Killers still exist...

  Once upon a time I really liked The Killers. When their first album, Hot Fuss, was released I listened to it a lot… probably too much to be honest. When their second album, Sam’s Town, was released I loved it… probably too much to be honest. But then something happened – I started to associate The Killers with someone who I basically couldn’t stand. To my inner circle these were known as my dark days, days when I first felt what a break really was… oh wait, wait, I’m getting off topic.

I suddenly couldn’t listen to The Killers for the reasons why music is awesome – I associated it with something. As much as I tried I couldn’t stand them, and then suddenly Hot Fuss started to sound a bit funny, and not in a good way. However, something great happened, I heard a new album was coming out, that album was Sawdust.

Sawdust was supposed to mean a new leaf for me. It was supposed to finally start a new Killers chapter in my life. When the album was released I listened to it in its entirety and was trying to like it, I really wanted too, but I thought it kind of sucked. Aside from the fact that it kind of wasn’t a real album but rather a compilation album the new songs weren’t all that great. For the record, I didn’t feel this way because of the poor musical association I had with them; it was because they sounded redundant. Suddenly the synth’s and whatever the hell else they use kind of irritated me. I feared that I missed my windows for enjoying The Killers while I could.

Once their next album, Day and Age, was released in 2008 I was sure I missed the window. I tried to listen and I couldn’t even get through it. My last ditch attempt to find some Killers relief was buying Brandon Flowers’ solo album (the lead singer of The Killers) and once again, I wasn’t at all impressed.

At a random moment a few months ago I asked a friend what the hell ever happened to The Killers. At this point any logical person would have just forgotten they existed, and part of me was sure they were broken up. My friend said he had no idea. Well, lo and behold… The Killers exist.

This was a message I received from my buddy earlier today:

I guess they have a new album coming out. What the fuck?

He then sent me the link to their first single from their album Battle Born, it’s called Runaways and you can listen to it via the video below.

Apparently this song has been in the world for almost eight months. A younger version of me would have been all over this song, but I’m keeping my distance. Having said that… I really hope they regain form to their earlier days (if that’s even possible).