I Hate The Emergency Exit Row



Five totally ridiculously random thoughts have been stewing in my head today.

5 - The TV show AWAKE was cancelled. Damn! It was a very good show. I’ve talked about it to many times because the creator behind it, Kyle Killen, is insanely talented and has had some kind of horrible string of luck. For the record, his previous show Lone Star was also very good.

4 – I really want to see Battleship and I don’t care who knows it… but unfortunately it comes out next week. After my taste of Avengers I’ve become an insta action junkie - this happens every summer when the first blockbuster comes out. Sort of hoping Dark Shadows has Johnny Depp blowing something up.

3 – I like Kevin Hart. I’ve been giving this dude the short end of the stick for far to long, but I have to admit… he’s pretty funny. Random prediction: Kevin Hart will win an Academy Award at some point.

Just blacked out for a second. I thought I just wrote… Oh… yeah I did just write that. I’m sticking to it.

2 – I just spent the last 10 minutes watching Manny Pacquiao highlights and (I hate to say this) I think Floyd Mayweather would win the dream match. I should note that I never watch boxing and almost know nothing about it. Just saying.

1 – What’s the deal with paying extra to sit in the emergency exit row? I purchased a ticket on Frontier Airlines and they advertised the emergency exit row as an upgrade with more legroom. Seriously?

I’ve gone on the emergency exit row rant before so I won’t completely jump into this but their needs to be some rule changes. Specifically, I think to sit there you should have to be 18 years old; I do not trust a kid who is 13 to open that door.

People pay extra to sit there!?

Let me lay out a little scenario for you:

Worst-case scenario happens and someone has to use that emergency exit. Lets say you F up when trying to open that door. You’re suddenly the person who actually paid extra to be a hero but you screwed up and now all eyes are on you… And you’re out extra cash.

This whole concept of the emergency exit row is baffling. You’d think that the emergency exit row would be cheaper due to the potential responsibility behind it.

I think it’s time we change the name of the emergency exit row, lets be honest, nobody actually thinks of it as an emergency exit row, it’s for more leg room – and obviously the airlines know that the consumer thinks it’s a crock. While we’re at it, we can avoid the whole thing about how to put on a seatbelt before take off…