Don’t ask how, don’t ask why, but I just listened to the new Justin Bieber song that debuted the other night and here’s the quick take away:

- It’s under 3 minutes, which means if you listen to pop radio you’ll hear this song approximately 1.7 million times between this very moment and some time in August. If you have a daughter then you’ll hear this song 1.8 million times in that same time period.

- It sounds very similar to Timberland / Justin Timberlake collaboration – which is a very good thing for Bieber.

- I’m not saying that I’m going to listen to Bieber’s new album nor do I know much about it but I’m guessing there’s going to a potential rap song based off of this song, or some kind of Clipse / Timberlake - esque connection (courtesy of Timberland).

- Sounds like Bieber took that inevitable jump from kid pop to older teen pop. Fortunately for him older teen pop also works for everyone younger than older teen.

- This is Bieber’s world we’re all just living in it.