You should be watching AWAKE


I briefly mentioned the TV show AWAKE last week but I need to press it again because I really wish I didn’t have a gut feeling that my new favorite show, that isn’t a comedy, was going to be cancelled. I’ve also found myself personally rooting for the creator of the show simply because he’s had a string of bad luck… kind of rooting for the underdog right now. Quick little run down of creator Kyle Killen:

Killen wrote the screenplay for the film The Beaver, which was a pretty sought after script on The Black List. Unfortunately the film was fucked due to Mel Gibson and his angriness. Post Beaver he created a show called Lone Star which nobody was watching, and on the verge of cancellation Killen wrote a open letter essentially asking people to watch – which is kind of cool if you ask me, did anyone ask me? No. But still, it’s very cool. And now we have Awake. Check the plot outline:

After a car accident takes the life of a family member, a police detective lives two alternating parallel lives, one with his wife and one with his son. Is one of his “realities” merely a dream?

Parallel universe – CHECK.

Cop shit – CHECK.

Interesting story – CHECK.

Potential to an interesting story – CHECK.

The lead character is the badass from The Patriot and also the guy who killed Snape in Harry Potter aka Jason Isaacs – CHECK. That insanely detailed checklist is essentially what makes the show really good but also is probably the exact reason why it’s going to be cancelled. It’s currently blending genres with hints of sci fi and crime procedural. This is great for people like me who are remembering to DVR NBC at 10pm, but I fear I’m the minority. Also, the show doesn’t feel like a show people would seek out and watch via Hulu, Netflix, or apple TV. It feels like one of those shows geared for older single guys or younger guys with a girlfriend.

Does that even make sense?

I think the show has a great premise, great story, good characters, but will be viewed as a little to slow, which could also be the exact problem with previously cancelled Lone Star. I think that new hour-long shows are difficult to sustain if you don’t have a previous built in audience, our attention spans are crumbling by the minute, I’m even fearful right now that I’ve written to much… this is to long for average reader! I’m wrapping it up – Watch Awake. Give it a shot. It’s on Thursday night on NBC 10/9c.

Do it!