Mike Tyson = Mr Vegas


I’ve always thought that if there was one person I wouldn’t want to get into a bar fight with at any stage of life it would be Mike Tyson. He reminds me of the irrational guy at the bar that has nothing to lose, you know, the one who says something to your girlfriend and deep down inside you’re thinking, “shit, I have to fight this guy?” Not because the guy is bigger, faster, or stronger, but simply because he’s potentially going to try to kill you by any means necessary. Buuuut Tyson just happens to be a former professional boxer who also happens to like the taste of flesh from an ear.

Since Tyson has left the ring he has turned into an entertainer, and an entertaining one at that. Obviously his most notable thing he’s done is played himself in The Hangover 1 and 2, but he’s also recently befriended the Funny Or Die crew. You have to hand him credit… He’s out there.

But now he’s really out there and - I Am Interested

From April 13th – 18th Tyson (also should note my favorite boxer) is going to be putting on a one-man show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Who couldn’t be interested in this? What could this possibly be about?

The show is called “Mike Tyson – The Undisputed Truth – Live On Stage” and it’s going to be held in a 740-seat theater. Truthfully, I hope it sells out every single night and they keep it open for the rest of the year. It’s hard for me to forget how much I enjoyed Mike Tyson when he was in his prime. I enjoyed his amazing video game, his knockouts, and those pigeons he had on his roof.

In case you need some Mike Tyson in your life I suggest you check out his show and also check out thisLINK