Poster Breakdown: The Voice

Quick little fact – I really liked The Voice I’m not totally sure why because I actually think it’s cheesy at times. It’s basically the positive version of any other musical competition show. When I heard the new season was starting after the super bowl I had to remind myself that I liked the show, but somewhere through the X-Factor, American Idol, and commercials for Smash I forgot about The Voice. Today I was driving and saw the billboard and my initial reaction: What the hell? I think it’s time to break down the new poster for The Voice


Lets just start with the obvious: What’s up with Christina Aguilera’s arm? 1st - it’s coming out of her back. 2nd – That’s a man hand. 3rd – THAT’S A MAN HAND. 4th – I can still see the poor photo shopping around her massive fingers. 5th – Why is her ring so awkward on her finger? 6th – Is that different nail polish coloring on her thumb than her other fingers? Yes.

The Guys: Where are you staring and pointing Adam Levine? Same question for you, Blake Shelton? And Cee-Lo Green, what are you reaching for with just one hand like that?

Cee-Lo: Why are you always wearing sun glasses?

The Peace Sign: Okay, it’s sort of clever… right? We get the peace sign is also a V, but do you really think it’s going to catch on? This isn’t The Hunger Games and you aren’t Katniss Everdeen showing solidarity to The Twelfth District.

The Background: Not a fan, what’s the deal?

Back to Cee-Lo: What are you wearing? Is that one step away from a Dashiki? I kind of think it is

Back to Levine: Seriously, that point and look are not even going the same direction.

When is Brittney Spears going to host a reality show (trying to forget that show she did with K-Fed).


The Voice!