3 Films and 1 Explanation.

Sunday threw me in an official tailspin. I was planning to update on a daily basis but then football had to happen. Sunday morning at approximately 11:04am I walked into Maxwell’s sports bar here in Utah and told them I needed to reserve a seat. They opened at 11am, and for being the first customer I was given a jack and ginger ale. My bartender was from the south, whiskey was her drink of choice, and I’m never one to turn down a free drink. When I asked her if she’d think less of me for drinking at 11am, she replied with “No” as if I were crazy for even asking… sold. That began the potential turn of events. I proceeded to sit in one place from about 11am until 9:30pm. I consumed more pizza and beer than I’d like to admit, and then later headed to a party. This was a longwinded way to say, I missed days of talking about movies and Sundance. My entire system was thrown off… it was inevitable.

Which brings us full swing to Tuesday, and I’m out of my awesome football-watching day.

Up until Monday I had been spoiled by two people I work with. Spoiled in the sense that they know what they’re doing and where they’re going.  Part of me hasn’t been paying as much attention to things as I should; I’ve been taking things for granted with them as my guide. But Monday I explored. I finally was able to make out Park City.

Monday reminded me of a day in Los Angeles. As I was exploring I attempted to get into 2 different places and was rejected. First was the Bing.com building where I saw artwork, as I tried to walk in a big guy stopped me and basically told me to turn the fuck around. I asked what was going on, he said I couldn’t be there. I asked who the artist was; he said he couldn’t tell me…. Wow…

Alex, if you’re reading this it was a cool painting of a skull, I was going to snap a picture and send it your way, and you would have liked it. Anyone else reading this – don’t ask why Alex likes skulls.

The second place wasn’t so much a rejection but more of a dismissal. You know what, who cares? I’m sick of talking about rejection. On to the movies!

Nobody Walks: Starring Jon Krasinski, Jane Levy, Olivia Thrilby – Wait – As I was just checking to see if I have correct spelling of names I saw that Krasinski has a “Special Thanks” for the movie Super 8. What the shit?

This movie is the prototypical indie film. That’s not a bad or good thing; well I suppose it could be depending on who you are. If you like films that are attempting to show the internal workings of a family, their problems, issues, and how they deal with them, then you’d like this movie.

Honestly I wouldn’t have paid to see this movie in a theater, as much as I like Krasinski I just felt this pace to be a bit slow (but consistent). Films like these find themselves in an odd place. They’re well made but don’t appeal to the masses and have difficultly making it on a wide scale. If it pops up on your Netflix cue, watch it. But if you’re having marital issues and also happen to have a 23 year old artist staying in your house… don’t watch it.

Black Rock: I honestly just stared at my computer and contemplated how I would embrace talking about Black Rock. I then went to sleep and hoped that I would take a more positive approach on it when I woke up – nope.

This movie sold for close to 7 figures, and was one of the first films out of Sundance to be bought. It was written by Mark Duplass, directed by his wife Katie Aselton, whom also is a star in it along with Kate Bosworth and Lake Bell. Let me be very clear when I say I really like everyone associated with this movie. I’m a huge fan of The League on FX which, which stars Duplass and Aselton, don’t mind Bosworth, and think Bell is good in a supporting role as the goofy friend.

In this movie, it was as though I was watching a cluster of all things bad coming together in a film. To be kind I will state it like this, it had poor directing, annoying dialogue, and then to the delivery of the dialogue made me laugh. I couldn’t understand what I was watching or how such caliber of Hollywood managed to screw this up. It was as though I was watching a film that was shot with my friends when we had no money and were looking to do something in a weekend.

Oh right, the plot – 3 girlfriends take a trip back to a small island that was once special to them and they run into 3 former marines. One of the marines gets too frisky with Aselton, she gets a little too violent, and the film turns to a hunting/hunter film.

The premise doesn’t sound too bad, right? I had high hopes going into this film and thought that maybe my expectations had ruined things for me – no, it just wasn’t bad. When I see that LD entertainment purchased this film it makes me rethink so much about film. But the reality is the film will sell and the powers that be can stick 3 girls on the cover with the name value of Duplass with Bosworth and they’re fine.

The most telling thing about this film is how self-serving Aselton appeared. Her name showed 4 times pre movie, she gave herself top billing (even though Bosworth is the star), the final image of the film rested on her (as though her character had some big change… she didn’t), and then when the film ended we were reminded yet again that it was directed by her… And yes, written by her husband.

I would have walked out of the film if it weren’t for the fact that I was waiting to see Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, which brings me too…

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie: Full discretion – I’ve never seen their show on Adult Swim, but I don’t think I had too. I don’t need to get into the premise of this film because I think this is either a you’re seeing it already or you’re not seeing it kind of thing.

I didn’t think much of this film going in but it had some genuine moments where I was laughing my head off. Unfortunately those laughs subsided for too long and watching 1.5 hours of Tim and Eric was a little much, I found it to be a bit obnoxious and it left me with a mild headache. It was just a little much for me, even though I love that Will Ferrell, Jeff Goldblum, and John C Reilly are in it.

Like I said, I laughed my head off, but I want it in a shorter film, I’ll probably end up watching the show from time to time on Adult Swim… which is a good thing. It’s a fun movie, just 50 minutes too long.

Without spoiling too much yet trying to inflict interest, the best parts of the film were: The vignettes, the child story line, the black out scene, Will Ferrell, Jeff Goldblum, the wolf, the first 10 minutes, and did I mention the child story line?

My days are winding down here. My Holiday in Express is closing in on me, I have more movies watching to do, and I have to read about Oscar nominations (announced today).