What I Learned From The Weekend

The Packers: For the first time all season I started to justify why it was okay if the Packers didn’t go undefeated, then Mason Crosby hit a field goal and I it was as though the thought had never been there. Truthfully, I was a bit upset it was even planted in my head.  

I’m not hiding the fact that I want the Green Bay Packers to go 16-0 in the regular season and win the Super Bowl, I’m greedy and I know it, but it’s what I want. If you’re a Packers fan then you’re thinking it too, if you’re a Packers player you’re thinking it, whether or not you’re admitting it is another story.


I don’t know exactly what I should take away from the Packers VS Giants this weekend. On one hand I was happy about their resilience and the fact they won in the final seconds. On the other hand I was worried once again because they seem somewhat exploited by Old man Coughlin and Eli Manning. But come to think about it… doesn’t someone always exploit them, but they manage to win?


Biggest fear is the injuries; I don’t like seeing Charles Woodson get injured at any time. So let me say this to any and all Packers people – Don’t think about injuries, go 16-0!


Tebow: How can a human not be Team Tebow? What other team is there to be on? I’m rooting for Tebow as though he’s Rocky Balboa, and you know what the weird thing is, he’s the underdog.


Think about it – he’s wasn’t exactly handed keys to the kingdom. He took advantage of a situation. Sure, he passes the ball like a blindfolded 8th grader but he’s winning games. Yesterday when the Broncos were down by 1 going into the 4th quarter I text my friend and asked if he had any doubt if Tebow would not win the game – he said no. Next week the Packers play The Raiders, who’s tied with the Broncos for first. So lets be clear – The Bronco’s will be in first after next week.


Tom Coughlin Looks So Worried: Whenever I see someone whose totally disgruntled and looks completely disoriented I always think they have The Coughlin Look.


Detroit = Not For Real: You can only go so long in the NFL being something that you’re not and the Lions have met the end of their road. I haven’t believed in this team from the beginning and now they’re starting to unravel.


I’m not exactly a Lions hater either, I actually was rooting for them and happy to see them start out so strong. But I never thought they’d continue on with a full head of steam and the luck of a Goonie. When I see the Lions I see:


A quarterback that looks like he’s going to pop champagne if he doesn’t get injured this season.

A wide receiver that is a monster and wants the ball more.

A angry coach.

A weak defense that thinks they’re the “bad boys” of football when actually they’re trying harder than the Ravens to be the Ravens of 2001.

More angry people who look insecure – including their coach.

A tight-end that spent a week on my fantasy football squad and is underachieving.


More Favre Rumors: What would an NFL season be without Brett Favre penis pictures - I mean stories? Rumors are swirling that Favre may be interested in helping the depleted Bears – I don’t buy it, but I like hearing about it.


Moving on to things not NFL…


I Really Want Dwight Howard in LA: Rumors started to swirl that Howard and Chris Paul may be traded, ahem, will be traded… when is the question.


Truthfully I’d be a bit upset to see any of the current Lakers go but they’re old and Dwight Howard is a superhuman… if he’s even human. To the rich go the spoils – bring on Dwight Howard and start the script for Kazaam 2.


Breaking Dawn is #1 for a 3rd Week In a Row: What a shitty weekend for movies. The box office isn’t exactly surging so Bella, Edward, and Dr. Muscles are in the top spot at the box office yet again.


There is no hiding how much this movie made me want to do anything else in the entire world when I was watching it, so to see this at #1 says one of a few things:

There are shitty movies out.

I am too old to get Twilight.

I’m losing my mind and this movie is good (NO!)

I am probably too old for Twilight.


People Are Still Freaking Out About YouTube: Not sure how intertwined you may be with the YouTube community but they recently did an overhaul of their site and everyone seems to be talking about it too much (like right now).


Long story short it’s easier to unsubscribe to channels at any given point. Lots of people (myself included) have subscribers because they subscribed to someone else and when they subscribed to them – I would get one too. Make sense? Well now when a person says “you know what, I want to flush out channels I don’t watch” they will… and they are.


YouTubers are up in arms about it, but it kind of makes sense. The beauty of technology and creativity is there is a sense of transparency and also the viewer has the control…. That’s the point, right?


The Walking Dead Is Overrated: I tried to get into it this weekend. Here’s how my Season 1 viewing went:

Episode 1 – Pretty cool.

Episode 2 – Ehhh.

Episode 3 – I’m done.

I kind of found it cheesy, not the concept (which has been done 100 times) but other aspects. Also, why the shit didn’t they say how long he was in the coma!? That’s the first fucking question I’d ask and the second would be “How’d this happen!?” Please don’t hold this from me, why won’t you tell me!?


Super 8 is Underrated: It’s late and my lady is out of town, so what do I do? Watch Super 8 of course – and it’s a really cool movie.


My friends would argue with me on this point but I stand by it – Super 8 is badass. So what it’s sort of a Spielberg “rip off” and JJ Abrams uses too many camera flares – it’s fun, entertaining, and adventurous. Watch it again.


Netflix Streaming Needs More Movies: It’s amazing that when you want to watch something specific and it’s not streaming on Netflix you can turn on Netflix. When I couldn’t watch Oceans 11 I was back to bashing it like it was releasing Quikster.