Tony Romo the lone man wearing "Starter" gear.

Me + 1996 + Football = Starter Gear. Aside from white kids in the 90’s living in the suburbs the only other people wearing Starter stuff were gang members repping the Raiders and oh… yeah… The Cowboys.

I think Romo is trying to bring back Starter. He sports the starter cap like it never went out of style, and wearing it, he either looks like Johnny Football, some guy so out of touch with fashion that it’s funny, or maybe he just doesn’t care. Seeing that he only dated public figures something tells me that he’s aware he’s in the public eye, not to mention he’s playing for “America’s team.”

The thing with the starter cap that he’s seemingly always wearing, is that it’s continuously really beat up and looks like it’s been worn 789 times. The obvious reason for this – Starter endorses him, but he could get around wearing the hat.

Honestly, I like the hat and think it’s awesome he’s wearing it, Tony Romo may be onto something… Fashion recycles every 20 years, right?

A moment of appreciation for the lone man wearing a starter cap…