The mystery that is Aloe Vera.

It’s time we as people embrace one common fact – When you have a sunburn, telling someone that Aloe Vera works isn’t a new thing. In fact, we all know this. I think I’ve known about Aloe Vera since the age of negative 6, but when you have sunburn you inevitably have everyone around you tell you about this mystery substance that’s comparable to flubber.

Case in point: I went canoeing yesterday at big bear with my good friends Peter and Dan (side note about this… see below). As we hop on the canoe Dan is applying sunscreen, he asks “he do you want some?” I say “yes, I’ll grab it in a minute” and of course I never grab the sunscreen.

TIME LAPSE: Sun…Sun…Water…Sun…Fun…Sun…

Our fun at Big Bear ends and we come home, where I see my face and it’s tomato red. Dammit (By the way Dan has a great tan). I know I need to do something to combat my red face so I proceed to head to CVS pharmacy to pick up some Aloe Vera, why? Well, it’s simple – Aloe has been pumped in my mind by anyone and everyone post sunburn for years, if I’ve retained one piece of knowledge in my life it’s the benefits of Aloe Vera.

Next Morning:

Called my mom – “Mom I got burnt at big bear…”

Mom: “Oh honey, you know what you need? Aloe Vera. I literally once dripped the Aloe plant onto my sunburn and it worked right away.

Get to work:

Random buddy: “Bro, nice sunburn, you know what you need? Aloe Vera. Try that banana boat stuff.”

Another person:

“Oh, Josh you should get some Aloe Vera. But not the stuff with the alcohol, just the regular stuff.”

You get the point. So, to all you people who are going to suggest Aloe to anyone under the age of 10… don’t. We already know. Unless you know about the really good Aloe Vera, then tell all of us.

Side note from above: Check out for Pete and all great things travel. Next trip is canoeing down the Mississippi…