Honking Guy.

Dear Guy who honks at women and then turns his head at a 49.3-degree angle checking them out on the sidewalk,

Honestly, has this ever worked? Does honking the horn of your Civic ever make a woman hop in your car?

Let’s play out best-case scenario just this once:

Step 1 - Guy Driving.

Step 2 - Guy see’s appealingly dressed woman walking on the side of the street.

Step 3 - Guy turns down his Akon, or turns it up.

Step 4 - Guy then honks at the girl.

Step 5- The girl turns simply because it’s a honk making eye contact Guy.

Step 6 - Guy stops and signals for girl to hop in the car.

Step 7 - The woman hops in the car.

Step 8 - Guy proceeds to indulge in whatever he thinks is going to happen and then drops the woman off at some random location, after the deed is done, calling his friends bragging about what just happened.

Now lets play out what happens 113% percent of the time:

Step 1 - Repeat steps 1- 5.

Step 6 – The girl shrugs and walks away creeped out.

Step 7 – Guy contemplates yelling something to the girl (any lame comment like “Hey Girl!”)

Step 8 – Guy drives away, turns up Akon and thinks it never happened. Or, if it did happened he mentally just had sex.

Getting back to the point – has any guy honker ever successfully picked up a girl? Come on? Seeing this happen actually makes me feel bad for females. Can’t the men just keep it to a head turn minus the honk, or a smile minus the headturn?

Either way, here’s to you creepy honking head turning guy. Godspeed. And to any woman who actually responded to this guy… Not sure what to say.