I think it’s safe to say that we’re past the point of talking about how fast technology is moving and we can also stop talking about the need to “accept” it for what it is and what it’s becoming. If you don’t talk about technology like that then I’m guessing you think it? If you don’t think it, that’s okay – just keep reading.

I feel as though there is this fearful stigma with technology, maybe it’s from James Cameron or maybe it’s from the actual fact that you’ve had your identity stolen several times. Maybe your bank account was hacked via paypal and you lost 99 dollars and had to change all of your passwords. If the latter is something you can relate to, I get it, but don’t forget that at the end of the day it was you that signed up for paypal, amazon, twitter, crate and barrel, any online banking… and so on. So hold yourself accountable.

That last thing to say may have been a little harsh because the reality is we can’t stop the trend and if you fight it then you’ll be left behind. The last decade and the future kind of reminds me of the end of Point Break with Swayze decides to surf the wave that’ll kill him – He knows he’s gonna die but if he misses this he’s going to regret if the rest of his life. That, and he’s running from Neo, but that’s a different story.

I think my term of technology is a little broad so let me just be obvious and say I’m talking about Social Interaction within technology and the websites it encompasses. However, social networking and social interaction are starting to blend with all things technology and vice versa. Anything thing we have can be considered “networking” or “interactive” think about all the things you have that you can mark as your “favorite” or somehow share it with someone.

I’m here to point out 3 reasons why technology and this wave we’re riding with Point Break Swayze is great or maybe terrible in reasons you may not realize. But first I should mention that it wasn’t too long ago that I was the guy who wasn’t on facebook, twitter, or any other site that allowed me to communicate. The furthest I’d go is a blog page, and I liked my privacy. I didn’t think it was necessary, I’d prefer facial interaction rather than network interaction but that all changed for reasons I can get into at another time.

Here is what I’ve realized about what technology is doing and the atmosphere it creates:

It’s like high school:

Yes, like high school, maybe not everybody’s high school but most people’s. I grew up in a small town with 1000 kids in the school, we all knew each other’s business and we all talked about it in the bubble that it was. How did this happen? Well, it was a small community of people who liked to talk and share things. Sound familiar? Because to me the majority of Social Networking is about individuals who like to talk and share things. 10 years ago (side note: wow I have been out of high school for 10 years) anyway, 10 years ago I heard gossip about my best friend kissing some girl. Now I sign on twitter and I hear gossip of Boobie Gibson talking trash about LeBron James.

First off, I don’t care but that doesn’t stop me from knowing it. And that’s how things are now. We open the door for talking and “did you hear this” we willingly open ourselves up and recreate a time that once was – that time is high school. Some of us actually even share out high school pictures with each other and let others comment. Maybe those 4 years are the most defining?

It keeps us honest:

Just had a talk with my friend the other day about this. If you’re single on facebook and trying to score with different women – good luck. And if you’re single but dating someone and their information is “private”… good luck. The area of lying has shrunk, it’s just not happening.

I’m willing to bet it’s near impossible to carry on lies with the technology we have. The significant other is so tied into everything you do that how can you get around them? Side note: If you are trying to get around them… why are you in a relationship?

It’s our new companion:

Who knows you the best? Who knows everything you do - what you read, how long you read it, what you watch, what you search… The computer.

The thing sitting in front of you may know you better than you know you which is kind of sad but it’s the way it is. We may not realize this but on lonely nights aside from comfort food the computer is the go to. It knows everything about you. This may be something very scary or very appealing however you look at it. But soon, not only will the computer and it’s components be our trusty friend it will be US.

We’ll always have the old schoolers preaching about how bad technology is and how it’s ruining interaction and truthfully they may be accurate, but whether they’re right or not there isn’t much they can do. I think the key to all things technology (and all things really) is the balance – the ying and yang. Use everything in moderation and use it to your advantage, and if you don’t… enjoy watching everyone else.