Woman Trick #87

I should start by saying this may sound a little creepy. But I have noticed something that is common with many different women. When I’m walking down the street and I find myself walking behind a woman many times she’ll stop and look in her purse, as I pass she’ll finish up looking in her purse and continue walking.

When I first noticed this I didn’t think much of it, then I noticed it time and time again. Eventually I went complete creeper and started to walk behind women to see if they’d do it. Most would, some wouldn’t.

I called my buddy Dortch. I asked him “Hey do you ever notice if you walk behind a woman they look in their purse?”

His reply: “Ah yes, one of the oldest tricks. It happens all the time.”

So it’s not just me! I equate this to a few things:

Women feel uncomfortable and think they’re going to get mugged.

Women think they guy behind them is looking at their ass.

Women feel out of control and want to regain it by walking behind.

Errr… Maybe it’s something in their purse?

Those are the four conclusions I came up with. But I’m curious if women do this when other women walk behind them?

Either way this finds itself as woman trick #87: The fake purse check on the street.