The Gym People

I’ve seen it with my own 2 eyes. I’ve talked about it with my friend. I’m sure there are about 10 personalities that take up the gym, and you can spot them from a mile away. In my expert gym opinion this is who occupies the terrain:

The guy who sings real loud on the treadmill. Sometimes these people don’t even have headphones in.

The air boxer guy. This is pretty self explanatory, as these people are always air boxing with or without weights. They do it in every crevice of the gym, they sometimes wear heavy clothes, and oh, they have never actually thrown a punch in their entire life.

The slow mover. This guy or girl sits at a station and uses it for multiple exercises. If they are on a machine, lets say the bench press machine; they use it for the bench press, sit ups, push ups, and for general sitting.

The ripped guy in jeans. There is always that person who is wearing jeans and 90 percent of the time they’re ripped. It’s as if they’re saying, “I don’t care that much, I’ll wear my jeans.”

The cell phone person. 10 percent gym time 90 percent cell phone time.

The lounger. The guy who plays basketball and puts on his sandals and walks around talking to people.

The Dancer. The Dancer sometimes can be mixed in with the guy who sings loud on the treadmill. But the dancer is stealth – out of nowhere someone will look like a jabbawockey and busts a standing 360 ballet move.

The sweater. Sweat everywhere, no regard for anyone.

The Mirror Gazers. We all look at ourselves in the gym. But there are the people who LOOK at themselves in the gym. This is can range from the pre workout to the post. Also, this person can clog up some serious room simply because they’re flexing. You may catch them checking out their abs.

The over-analyzer. No work out, too much time analyzing people in the gym… I may fall here.