Bridge me.

There are a few ideas and thoughts that rest in my mind on a daily basis: invisible dog leashes, stores that sell only cereal and have a cereal bar, the shoes from back to the future 2, and most importantly… A life with more bridges. I think that the bridge is basically any solution to most city problems.

I live in Los Angeles and I witness the daily human congestion. I always tell my friends and anyone who will listen “if a bridge were here there would be no problems!” Seriously, think about it. I want you to look at any problematic intersection and ask yourself, could a bridge solve a problem here? I’m willing to bet the answer is yes.

Let’s not forget that buildings are building UP so why can’t sidewalks? How do you build a sidewalk up you may ask… yes, it’s a bridge. Also, the view from a bridge is better.

This brings me to the ingenious idea of the day. I just finished reading a Yahoo article that said Madison Square Garden is doing some renovations by the year 2013. One of the main things they’re putting in – yes, a bridge. A bridge is going to be hanging high above hockey and basketball games for more spectators.

Forget all of the crazy bad things that could happen on the bridge, just think of how great bridges are. It’s like the Madison Square Garden president Hank Ratner and I share the thought of bridge, I invite you to share this thought.

Here is the LINK for the article.